Sectio Caesaria ( SC )

Caesarean surgery is only done if there is congestion on normal delivery or if there are problems during delivery which can threaten the life of the mother and fetus . Circumstances which require a caesarean section , for example, fetal distress , birth canal closed placenta ( placenta previa totalis ) , meacet delivery , maternal hypertension ( preeclampsia ) , a baby in a breech or transverse position , as well as bleeding before delivery.

In some circumstances , this action can be planned caesarean section or decided far in advance. This operation is called an elective caesarean section . This condition made ​​where doctors found no medical problems in the mother or the mother has a disease , so it is not possible for a normal delivery . For example, maternal diabetes , HIV / AIDS , or heart disease , can be done by elective caesarean or emergency (emergency ) . Mean elective surgery done with careful planning long before the time of delivery . While emergency caesarean meant to do when labor is in progress , but as a state of emergency caesarean section should then be done .

Planned Caesarean section ( elective )
At a planned caesarean section ( elective ) , caesarean section was planned well before the scheduled delivery by considering the safety of both mother and fetus . Some circumstances be considered to be elective caesarean section , among others :
  1. Fetus with breech presentation : Do caesarean section in breech fetus at first pregnancy , suspicion of the fetus cukp labor bottlenecks that can occur ( feto PELPIC disproportion ) , fetuses with his head thrown back ( deflection ) , fetuses with umbilical cord winding , or a fetus with feet presentation .
  2. Twin pregnancies : At the bottom of a twin pregnancy fetal presentation seen whether the head , buttocks , or transverse . Vaginal delivery is still possible if the percentage is second fetus heads . However , thought to doing the first caesarean section in cases of fetal / bottom in addition to the presentation of the head. on ultrasound also see whether each fetus has its own amniotic sack separate , or they just have one amniotic sack . In the case of twin pregnancy with fetal amniotic only have one bag , the risk to each hook / concerns with each other going higher , so need to do caesarean terencana.Pada multiple pregnancy with fetal number more than two ( eg 3 or more ) , it is advisable to perform planned caesarean section .
  3. Placenta previa : means the placenta is covering the cervix and below . Because before birth the fetus gets oxygen and food supply , it is not possible placenta as media suppliers birth / first separated from the fetus because it can lead to fetal death . The placenta consists of a lot of blood vessels , the location of the placenta covering the birth canal , is very prone to bleeding . If the contraction of the uterus , the part of the placenta is rich in blood vessels will detach and cause severe bleeding that can threaten the life of the fetus and the mother .
  4. Maternal medical conditions : pre-eclampsia , diabetes ( diabetes mellitus ) , herpes , HIV / AIDS , heart disease , chronic lung disease , or tumors of the uterus ( myomas ) are the size besaratau cover birth canal , cysts that block fetal descent , as well as a variety of other circumstances are the things that lead to a cesarean section is preferred .
  5. Problems in the fetus : Mass in fetuses with oligohydramnios ( amniotic fluid bit ) or fetuses with developmental disorders .
Caesar Opereasi Emergency ( Emergency )
The definition of an emergency cesarean section if the operation is carried out when the delivery process has been going on . This had to be done because there are problems in the mother and fetus . Some of the circumstances that forced an emergency caesarean section , among others :
  • Obstructed Labor
This situation can occur in the first phase ( phase lilatasi ) or second phase ( when you push ) . If obstructed labor in the first phase , the doctor will give a drug called oxytocin to strengthen contractions of the muscles of the uterus . Thus the cervix can open . There are other techniques , which break the amniotic membrane or give cairaan intrafena if you are short infusion fluids / dehydration . If in ways that did not work , then it will do a cesarean section .
If labor stalled in the second phase , the doctor must decide soon whether assisted delivery with forceps or vacuum or caesarean section should be done immediately . Things into consideration to proceed with a vaginal delivery ( assisted ) or cesarean section , depending on the decrease in the bottom of the fetal head dikes , levees state capital , and the presence or absence of gravity on the fetus .
Obstructed labor is a common cause of cesarean section . Some reasons are taken into consideration is no longer effective contractions , the fetus is too large while a narrow birth canal mother , and fetal head position which allows the withdrawal tadak with vacuum or forceps .
  • Fetal Distress
When the fetus is stressed , he will lack of oxygen . On clinical examination tanpak that fetal heart rate decreases . Normally , during the contraction of the fetal heart rate decreased slightly , but will return to his native prekwensi , if :
  1. Umbilical cord prolapse : if the cord out through the mouth of the womb , he can pinch, so the blood and oxygen supply is reduced kejanin . This situation is dangerous if the fetus is abnormal vaginal birth , cesarean section requiring immediate action .
  2. Hemorrhage : If you experience heavy bleeding due to placenta separates from the uterus , or for any other reason , then it should do a cesarean section .
  3. Stress fetal weight : If the fetal heart rate dropped to 70x per minute , then a cesarean section should be done immediately . Normal fetal heart rate is 120/160x per minute .

Healing process
On the first day after birth , if necessary , you are given the drug in low doses . Some doctors will allow you to start eating solid in the first 24 hours . Those that wait until you pass gas ( fart ) which indicates that the gut is functioning normally .
On the second day , you will feel uncomfortable in the abdomen . This happens because the digestive organs are back to normal after beraktipitas got painkillers that stop aktipitasnya .
Healing each mother is different depending on the durability and the effects of drugs used . If during the monitoring of your condition is stable , then the doctor will let you go home . Do not forget to return control medicine , approximately after two weeks.

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Benefits Delivery Normally ( Partus Normal )

Although painful , many mothers who fight for a normal delivery . In the opinion of some people with a normal delivery , a woman had to be a woman completely. But , behind that opinion , a normal delivery it also has many benefits for both mother and baby .  
Here are some of the advantages a normal delivery :
  • Faster recovery. During labor , the struggle of mothers who will give birth to normal may be more severe than those delivered through the operation . However , the process of childbirth is completed , the mother who gave birth to normal will undergo the process of recovery is much faster . Do not be surprised if at least six hours after giving birth , the mother has been " forced " and was able to walk alone anywhere . According to the story of the woman who gave birth to normal , postpartum recovery process much faster .
  • Free Moving Quickly. Because it did not undergo major surgery and stitches are much like that experienced by mothers who give birth through the operation , the woman who gave birth to normal more quickly able to move freely . A day after giving birth , the mother who gave birth to normal was able to walk and move freely without the need to feel the pain of stitches from surgery that has not dried . The advantage is that you can more quickly so take care of yourself and your baby establish a stronger bonding with the newborn baby .
  • Inner bonding has Stronger. During childbirth , the mother and baby in the womb are both struggling . For this reason, women who deliver vaginally have a stronger bond with his son . Through MRI test , found that sensitivity that governs emotion and motivation in the brain of the mother who gave birth to normal , the figure was higher . Because this is what makes the mother who gave birth normally to be more responsive to the cry of a baby .
  • Easier IMD. Still related to the bond , normally babies born more and more interested in doing Early Initiation of Breastfeeding or IMD . Because the bond that already exists between the new mother with a strong and her baby , they are so easy to work together doing breastfeeding for the first time . As already known , the first time for breastfeeding mothers and babies not as easy as it looks and requires patience and cooperation of both parties .
  • Healthier Babies. Useful addition to the mother , normal delivery also has many benefits for babies . Much research is clear on this , one of them is going to have a baby lungs stronger because at birth through the vagina , there is the process of transporting oxygen to body tissues baby . That's what causes babies born through normal processes have a lower risk of disruption . They say that babies born normally would have a higher power struggle since has been struggling to be born from the womb of his mother .

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The Importance of Exclusive Breastfeeding ( ASI Eksklusif )

Exclusive breastfeeding is breastfeeding ( breast milk ) as early as possible after birth , given no schedule and no other food was given , although only water , until the baby is 6 months old . After 6 months , babies begin to be introduced to other foods and still be breastfed up to two years old baby .

Babies who are exclusively breastfed tend to be more frequent breastfeeding her than giving the baby milk formula . Newborns usually every 2 to 3 hours breastfed by his mother . Increasing age , time or distance between breastfeeding will increase as the capacity of their stomachs become larger . In contrast , a newborn who only know the formula to start drinking milk formula approximately every 3 to 4 hours during the first few weeks of life .We know that breast milk has a million benefits to the growth and health of babies . Because breast milk is the best and most complete nutrition . Unique nutrition causes milk has the advantage that would not be on any kind of formula . Here are some of them :
  • Immunoglobulin A ( IgA ), which is widely available on colored yellowish colostrum milk that comes out first from the breast . This substance protects the baby from infection attack . IgA lining the digestive tract so that germs can not get into the blood stream and will protect the baby until his immune system is functioning properly .
  • Ganfliosida ( GA ) that play a role in memory formation and function of the brain as well as the baby's brain cell connectivity tools . GA is very important for child development . When born , the baby has 100 billion brain cells that have not been connected and GA is required to connect the brain cells .
  • The protein called casein and whey proteins . Protein contained in the milk is more easily digested by the body , compared with the protein derived from the milk of other mammals .
  • Fat ASI consists of several types but the most essential fatty acid that is a component of all body tissues and is required for the development of cell tissue , brain , retina and nervous system . Breast milk contains polyunsaturated fatty acid chain length (long - chain fatty acid polyunsanturated or LC - PUFA ) which consists of DHA ( docosahexaneoic acid or docosahexaenoic acid ) , LA ( linoleic acid or linoleic acid ) , ALA ( alpha linoleic or alpha- linolenic acid ) and AA ( arachidonic acid or arachidonic acid )
Protective substances in breast milk
  • Lactobacillus bifidus. Lactobacillus bifidus function convert lactose into lactic acid and acetic acid . This makes the second sour acidic digestive tract thereby inhibiting the growth of microorganisms such as E. coli bacteria that often causes diarrhea in infants . Lactobacillus is easy to grow rapidly in the gut breastfed babies .
  • Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is a protein that binds to iron . Useful lactoferrin to inhibit the growth of E. coli bacteria and fungus candida .
  • Antibody. Breast milk contains colostrum immunoglobulin is especially secretory IgA ( sIgA ) , which is useful for the defense of the baby's body .

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How to Bathe A Newborn

Often as a new mother , baby bathing is difficult especially in the first few weeks when baby's umbilical cord has not " whistle " . Not a few medical personnel are advised not to bathe your baby in a way in flush or soaked in the tub , on this condition are advised only to wipe with washlap .

Here's how to bathe a newborn :
  1. Measure the baby's body temperature using a thermometer ( normal temperature is 36.5 ' C - 37.5 ' C ) , if the body temperature within normal limits can be directly disibin baby . However, if the temperature is below normal , give baby blanket in the temperature became normal.
  2. Prepare toiletries like washlap , basin of warm water , towels , diapers , clothes , gloves, legs , baby oil , sterile gauze bandage to replace the cord .
  3. Slowly undress the baby , then the baby move on a towel .
  4. Clean the baby's face with warm water then washlap ears , head , neck folds , baby bodies , backs , arms fold , fold the legs , and genital areas .
  5. Baby soap lightly and gently rubbed on all the above organs .
  6. Clean with washlap until no suds left .
  7. Dry the baby using a towel .
  8. Sterile gauze bandage dressing on baby's umbilical cord .
  9. Apply baby oil and immediately put the clothes , diapers , gloves, legs .
  10. Baby hair comb slowly .
  11. Give the baby so the baby lotion fragrance .
  12. Clean up equipment .
NB : replacement gauze bandage umbilical cord after the baby is finished in bath , with a wet dressing sense is not a problem .

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Cucumber For Hypertension ( Mentimun Untuk Hipertensi )

Cucumber or Cucumis sativus scientifict has properties that are beneficial to health . Cucumber is often used as a traditional medicine , especially in Essential Hypertension disease , because of high potassium content of cucumber . And cucumber also contains 0.65 % protein , 0.1 % fat and 2.2 % carbohydrate . Besides cucumbers also contain other beneficial substances , such as calcium , iron , magnesium , phosphorus , vitamin A , vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Uretic properties on cucumber consists of water capable of removing 90 % of the salt content in the body . Rich minerals in cucumber is able to bind salt and excreted in the urine . That is the reason why a cucumber is very good for people with hypertension or high blood pressure .

Cucumbers can be consumed directly or with the juice.

How to make cucumber juice

Ingredients :
  • 2 medium cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon celery
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 cup of boiled water
  • Ice cubes to taste

How to make :
  1. Peel the cucumber and remove the base so that makes cucumbers bitter
  2. Cut the cucumber pieces and put in blender
  3. Celery can be added .
  4. Blend all ingredients course with boiled water and add ice cubes to taste until smooth into juice
  5. Cucumber juice is ready to be served . 


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