The good control of maintenance of sugar and blood

The good control of maintenance of a 'of the rates of sugar in the blood of S can help of the people with diabetes of the type 1 to better avoid the retinopathy, a serious disorder which damages the eye 'the retina of S, the researchers say.

The results come from a 25 years study which confirms great former studies. The results were published in the question of November of the ophthalmology.

The epidemiological study of Wisconsin of Retinopathy diabetic also noted that being male, having hypertension, having protein urinates about it (a demonstration of renal disease diabetic) and a larger index of mass of body also increased a 'risk of S to develop the retinopathy diabetic.

Glycemic ordering of maintenance, based on levels of blood of glycosyl�e haemoglobin A1 -- a measurement of sugar of average blood -- helped to improve the condition in those which had it as well, independently of how long the patient the diabetes of the type 1 had or of at which distance along the retinopathy diabetic was at the beginning of the study.

Almost the 1.000 participants all of study had been diagnosed with diabetes of the type 1 before age 30, and were on insulin to fight it. All at the beginning were evaluated between 1980 and 1982, and were continued above periodically over 25 years. With approximately half completed the whole study.


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