Got dry skin?

When did choosing skin-care products get so complicated? I want to make sure my skin looks great, but I don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how (or waste money choosing stuff that doesn’t work). I’m lucky enough to have a team of beauty editors who can answer my questions and steer me to the right products.

My editors are full of useful information, including these quick tips for every skin type:

Got dry skin? I do, and this super simple tip works great for me: Wear a night cream for day. Formulas meant to be applied before bed usually contain the most hydrating ingredients. If you’re seeing flakes or your skin just feels parched, go for the big guns, even in the a.m. (Night creams don’t protect from the sun, though, so you’ll want to follow with a sunscreen.)

To find out the night cream voted the best by SELF readers, plus the winners in pretty much every other category, go to’s Healthy Beauty Awards shopping list.

Is your skin sensitive? If so (and a reported 40 percent of Americans believe theirs is), you might find that sunscreen stings. To guard against that, smooth on a lotion with antioxidants before you apply your sun protector. It creates an irritation-preventing barrier.

Are you trying to control oily/combo skin? Wash your skin at the sink, not in the shower. The steam from the shower can swell the skin’s top layers, trapping bacteria and oil. Bonus: Sudsing up in front of a mirror ensures you cover every oily prone area; your hair and jaw lines, for instance, often get neglected.


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