allergic rhinitis

allergy cold air (allergic rhinitis)

allergy cold air or the impressive language allergic rhinitis actually that inflamation in channel hidung(mukosa) that is caused by existence bahan2 that cause allergy (alergen) in this case alergen cold air. in translasi to my indonesian uses cold air allergy term so that doesn't happen kerancuan cold allergy that causes pruritis in skin (cold urticaria). allergy cold air frequently “dituduh” as influenza. “penuduhan” wrong this can cause us imbibe medicine imprecise. although danger that evoked by mistake takes this can membilang enough minor, but if this repeat then menerus sure can cause disturbance in also body function, in this case especially make heavier work hepar.

influenza vs allergy
actually enough easy distinguish influenza and cold allergy. difference points:
1. fever (-)
cold air allergy sufferer usually doesn't show fever phenomenon, while influenza sufferer usually show fever phenomenon
2. itchy throat ()
allergy sufferer inclined felts itchy , influenza sufferer usually being followed ill throat
3. swelling around neck (-)
little swelling is caused by swell it limfo nodi, usually undergone by influenza sufferer.
4. choked (-)
influenza sufferer inclined more seen choked membanding allergy sufferer
5. red-eyed and have water ()
allergy reaction also can be espoused red-eyed and have water krn allergy yg also happen at area eye.
6. sneeze (+)
allergy sufferer usually sneezes during yg often, and followed taste gatal2 menghidung
7. cough (+)
cough allergy sufferer more many dr influenza sufferer.
8. time (long)
influenza usually will recover by itself after bbrp week, while allergy happen then menerus along sufferer papar alergen (cold air)
9. family story ()
allergy sufferer usually has also family that suffer allergy same.

allergy therapy
allergy therapy covers 3 matters:
1. allergy prevention
of course by avoid papar with alergen.
this manner easiest manner and practise. for cold allergy sufferer: when is air cold use coat thick and try to berkumur2 dg warm water to causes gatal2 there throat
2. use obat2an
use obat2an only can decrease phenomenon. obat2 this can not cure allergy until complete. medicine that used obat2an anti-histamine. in this case can be used spray antihistamine intra-nasal that sipped and eye drop antihistamine.
3. immunotherapy
cover process desensitisasi towards alergen, this process consumes long time, even sometimes can achieve time 3-5 year. to do so must be done at tempat2 well-being service that experienced, because this method has side effects big enough. success level immunotherapy vary towards alergen he, in bbrp case can achieve 80 %- 90 %

conclusion: for you that suffer cold allergy, best step and easy go away self from alergen. if air is cold, try to use thick clothes and berkumur-kumur use warm water. if allergy reaction is very over do and very menganggu, soon consultation to dokte


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