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sirihDaun betel khasiatnya is very popular because it can cure various diseases, namely from the nosebleed (blood out of the nose) until the diarrhea and sore teeth


Take one sheet of betel leaf, while bearing in order to press out the oil and use to stuff the nose issue darh


Take 4 - 6 pieces of betel leaves, seeds 6 pepper, 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

Tumbuk all ingredients together until smooth, then gosokkan in the stomach. Repeat until cured


Medicine: In kumur

1. betel leaves boiled with 2 glasses of water to boiling water stew ago dinginkan it.

Use water to rinse stew. Repeated regularly until healed.

2. Take 2 pieces of betel leaf that has been diremas, salt secukupnya.

How, materials tersebuh diseduh with hot water for 1 cup, then confused until salt dissolves, leave until cold. Water is used to rinse out.


Medicine: outside, in the section on oleskan itch

Ingredients: 6 pieces of betel leaf, 1 piece ginger yellow, 1.5 white wooden spoon oil.

How, all materials ditumbuk together until smooth, then digosokkan in the body that itch-itch.


7 Take a sheet of betel leaf and 1-piece rock candy.

How, dirajang fine betel leaf, and then boiled with rock sugar with water until 2 glass of boiling live up to 1 cup, and filtered. Stew drink water 3 times a day, each 3 tbs.

women sexuality

Take 7 - 10 pieces of betel leaf.

How, betel leaves boiled with 2.5 liters of water until boiling. While still warm, the water stew betel leaf is used to wash and clean up around the genitals repeatedly.


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