First Time Sex A Second Time

Revirgination Surgery - for those who are looking for a short, long-term solution


Hymen reeconstructive surgery is prevalent in the US and abroad. In fact, in Muslim countries like Lebanon, gynecologists say Hymenhorrhaphy or Hymenoplasty, is one of the fastest growing forms of plastic surgery second only to nose jobs. The hymen is named after the ancient Greek god of marriage, and throughout history it has been used as an indicator of the sexual “purity” of a female. Many Middle Eastern women opt to undergo the operation rather than to tell their fianc├ęs or boyfriends that they are not virgins, potentially disgracing family “honor.” The cost $300.00 to $3,000.00 and the surgeon actually sews a flap of skin to close the entrance to the vagina simulating an intact hymen.


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