Swine flu

World Health Organization (WHO) believes that the "very close" with the outbreak of swine flu. WHO are now middle berpacu time with all countries in order to prepare for this situation. So disclosed WHO Assistant Director-General Keiji Fukuda in Geneva, Switzerland.

Based on WHO guidelines, one of the main criteria is to eliminate the outbreaks strengthen citizens who are outside the United States (outside the area found the first H1N1). So far WHO has not changed in the five-level mode as a scale of six outbreaks indicate that the action "is near."

WHO has concentrated initially on geographic criteria to justify changes in the level mode. However, member countries have been called to the institutions that take into account that anasir like disease.

"The phase change is not only done in camera before the press or simply make the announcement. That really is the way the world prepares to confront the situation," Fukuda said, as quoted ANTARA news agency. Therefore, all countries must accept the information and equipment to handle the increasing number of patients and the questions from the public.

"Currently we feel that the basic steps that must be available," Fukada firm. Up to now, as many as 26,563 of including 140 deaths have been reported to health institutions from 73 countries. (VIN)


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