Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer or cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women after breast cancer, cancer, mental colonialism rek, ovarian cancer and uterine body cancer itself. In Indonesia the incidence of cervical cancer rank in the year 1998 as many as 3686 cases, or approximately 17.85% of all cases of cancer incidence in women.

Most cases of cervical cancer found at an advanced stage, where at this stage pengobatn merely relieve symptoms. Yet when found at early stages, cervical cancer is scary that can be cured.

To detect cervical cancer at an early stage, maybe you would think it was expensive or inconvenient. Apparently not ...! So far you know maybe a bit cheap and the easiest way is to detect it's pap smear. Pap's smear examination carried out the laboratory, with a rather expensive price. Though there is a way that is cheaper and easier to medeteksi this cervical cancer, namely the IVA test method.

VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid) test is a simple but effective way to detect cervical cancer as early as possible. It is said simply because the tools, materials and checkpoints tend to be more modest than in the laboratory.

IVA tests carried out by applying 3-5% acetic acid on the surface of the cervix. To know the results immediately at the time of examination, in contrast to Pap's smear that must take time to get results.

Examination by this method can be performed by midwives or doctors at the health center or in the midwife practice that tends to cost more economical.

On examination whenever there are signs of cancer symptoms, the examination should proceed with the pap's smear in the laboratory or by Gynescopy gynecologists.

Every woman who has been / never married, let alone a high risk of cervical cancer, such as smokers, married young, often changing partners, having many children and sexually transmitted infections diseases should conduct the examination as early as possible. In order for the event because cancer mortality rates that are not detected can be avoided.


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