Healthy Without Cigarettes
Healthy Without Cigarettes
Smoking for some people is like a staple food. Cigarette even be an integral part of everyday life. Without smoking, life seemed empty and there is no passion to work. Ironically, cigarettes are also enjoyed by children of school age. Even school-age children are proud of cigarette smoke which is said to be masculine identity.

Dangers of smoking has never occurred to him. He was just chasing life prestige association peers. No allowance is only rarely gone to purchase cigarettes than to buy books and reading lessons. The phenomenon of this kind inevitably make teachers angry. Warning to the punishment to be landscape every day. However, they did not learn his lesson made. The phenomenon of smoking among students, indicating the weakness of morality students as the backbone of Indonesia.

Starting July 1, 2005, the government announced its decision to raise the cigarette excise 15-20 per cent. In fact, this year the government would raise the cigarette tax by 50 percent.

This price increase is expected to reduce the number of addicted smokers. This is confirmed by Dr Khalilur Rahman, in charge of tobacco control for the WHO South-East Asian region (WHO-SEARO). He said the increase in cigarette prices would make those who began to try smoking to cancel his intention, and those who already smoke will be reduced or stopped because it can not afford it anymore (Kompas, 31/05/2005).

Problems that arise later is whether that easy to prevent and chastening the smokers, let alone a beginner smoker. 30 related disease

Costs associated with smoking 30 types of diseases, including hypertension, heart problems, stroke, chronic respiratory disorders, tuberculosis, cancer, impotence, miscarriages, and premature birth, is not easily solved.

Cigarette like a staple food of Indonesian people. So, do not easily change the staple food. Take for example, if the Indonesian people accustomed to eating rice and suddenly replaced with bread or wheat, like other countries, it was not an easy job.

Some things can be done to prevent it, among others, first, prohibits smoking husbands. Therefore, smoking is very dangerous for mother and fetus development. This smoking ban is a form of honor and respect the rights of others, ranging from the family environment. If respect for the smallest environment has become a habit, for greater respect for the environment will be easier.

Second, the example to the children. That is, when the smoking ban became law family, the father is also not allowed to smoke in front of children. If the father was forced to smoke, the steps taken were smoking when the children were not home. The process of imitation (copying) of a father figure who does not smoke can stimulate the children not to smoke.

Third, the environmental community. Society is the process of forming the character and nature of the child. If the good order of society, the character and nature of the child would be good too. Conversely, if the fabric of society is damaged, the character and nature of children will also be damaged.

Society as a second family has a significant role. Therefore, the community should become reference material for children. A supportive environment to always remind the dangers of cigarettes should be the main agenda in the process of further education. Smoking is a futile job and hurt yourself and the environment (other people). Smoking will damage the organs. Money wasted. It would be better if the money saved and spent on more useful things for tomorrow.

Smoking also makes the environment dirty, either in the form of cigarette smoke and dust. In addition, smoking is also disturbing public order because it does not respect the rights of others who want to breathe clean air. Thus, smoking can dikaterogikan violate human rights (human rights).

Planting the meaning and value respect for oneself and others will be formed from a good environment.

Fourth, the planting of more academic value in the school environment. School-age children's time was introduced to give more meaning to the behaviors and manners. This means that the cultural diversity of the community should be interpreted more broadly. Smoking is a despicable act. With smoking means we have wasted too much money for things less useful. Investment value

Smoking also will result in a greater addiction. That is, if the school-age children have dared to smoke with the result of "corruption" pocket money and school fees, in the next year they will try new things, as he tried cigarettes for the first time. You name it, he will dare to buy illicit goods, such as narcotics.

Investment value becomes important. That is, as the responsible teachers in schools should teach ethics is good for learners. Teachers should not be smoking in front of students, parents and the community as an example.

Teachers also need to provide scientific information that the dangers of smoking have been grabbing 4.9 million people in 2000. It is estimated that by 2020 that number will increase two-fold. Deaths caused by tobacco smoke occurs in most developing countries, like Indonesia.

Prevention and healthy lifestyle are taught from an early time has come. Changes are periodically and may be more pronounced early on the benefits when compared with the change in an instant.

Prevention, starting from the younger generation is a reflection of the success in furthering the ideals of the Indonesian national struggle. If the Indonesian nation to leave the younger generation addicted to cigarettes, this nation will also be led by a leader who is physically or mentally ill. Such conditions will increasingly facilitate the neocolonialism and neoliberalism Indonesia colonize this rich nation.

In the end, the attention of all parties must have been necessary to save the young generation in the future.


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