Hyperpigmentation On Pregnant Women

When Mother was pregnant there are some significant changes occur, both my physical and emotional. Physically, one of which is the Mother of the changing skin brown in some parts, most often appears in the breast area. Is the Mother of t experienced this too? Do not worry, Bun, dr. Fx. Bhimantoro SpOG from Pondok Indah Hospital provides information about this issue.

According to the doctor who is familiarly called the doctor this Bhima discoloration (hyperpigmentation) that occur due to increased levels of the hormone MSH (melanocyte Stimulating Hormone). MSH resulted excessive accumulation of melanin pigment, so no wonder cause other colors on the skin. Typically it appears on the breast, aerola but these changes also appear on other body areas. "As in skin folds, armpits, genital and anal areas." He explained.

This color change is actually something that naturally happened, just that its impact could make Mother feel insecure, because it affects the appearance of this effect. Can arise even with what is called Melasma / chloasma which the term of the mask of pregnancy in which the parts are blackened to cover bottom in both eyes and nose so as to resemble a mask. Of course this is very disturbing as a pregnant woman who always wants to look beautiful. No need to worry, Bun, brownish color will disappear by itself 3-6 months after birth. Or nowadays laser radiation can also be done to lift the pigment was excessive, "But of course to do after the baby is born." Message dr. Bhima.

Avoid the use of skin bleaching agents like hydroquinone, tretinoin and cortisone, especially if exposed to direct sunlight after use


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