Benefits Delivery Normally ( Partus Normal )

Although painful , many mothers who fight for a normal delivery . In the opinion of some people with a normal delivery , a woman had to be a woman completely. But , behind that opinion , a normal delivery it also has many benefits for both mother and baby .  
Here are some of the advantages a normal delivery :
  • Faster recovery. During labor , the struggle of mothers who will give birth to normal may be more severe than those delivered through the operation . However , the process of childbirth is completed , the mother who gave birth to normal will undergo the process of recovery is much faster . Do not be surprised if at least six hours after giving birth , the mother has been " forced " and was able to walk alone anywhere . According to the story of the woman who gave birth to normal , postpartum recovery process much faster .
  • Free Moving Quickly. Because it did not undergo major surgery and stitches are much like that experienced by mothers who give birth through the operation , the woman who gave birth to normal more quickly able to move freely . A day after giving birth , the mother who gave birth to normal was able to walk and move freely without the need to feel the pain of stitches from surgery that has not dried . The advantage is that you can more quickly so take care of yourself and your baby establish a stronger bonding with the newborn baby .
  • Inner bonding has Stronger. During childbirth , the mother and baby in the womb are both struggling . For this reason, women who deliver vaginally have a stronger bond with his son . Through MRI test , found that sensitivity that governs emotion and motivation in the brain of the mother who gave birth to normal , the figure was higher . Because this is what makes the mother who gave birth normally to be more responsive to the cry of a baby .
  • Easier IMD. Still related to the bond , normally babies born more and more interested in doing Early Initiation of Breastfeeding or IMD . Because the bond that already exists between the new mother with a strong and her baby , they are so easy to work together doing breastfeeding for the first time . As already known , the first time for breastfeeding mothers and babies not as easy as it looks and requires patience and cooperation of both parties .
  • Healthier Babies. Useful addition to the mother , normal delivery also has many benefits for babies . Much research is clear on this , one of them is going to have a baby lungs stronger because at birth through the vagina , there is the process of transporting oxygen to body tissues baby . That's what causes babies born through normal processes have a lower risk of disruption . They say that babies born normally would have a higher power struggle since has been struggling to be born from the womb of his mother .

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