How to Bathe A Newborn

Often as a new mother , baby bathing is difficult especially in the first few weeks when baby's umbilical cord has not " whistle " . Not a few medical personnel are advised not to bathe your baby in a way in flush or soaked in the tub , on this condition are advised only to wipe with washlap .

Here's how to bathe a newborn :
  1. Measure the baby's body temperature using a thermometer ( normal temperature is 36.5 ' C - 37.5 ' C ) , if the body temperature within normal limits can be directly disibin baby . However, if the temperature is below normal , give baby blanket in the temperature became normal.
  2. Prepare toiletries like washlap , basin of warm water , towels , diapers , clothes , gloves, legs , baby oil , sterile gauze bandage to replace the cord .
  3. Slowly undress the baby , then the baby move on a towel .
  4. Clean the baby's face with warm water then washlap ears , head , neck folds , baby bodies , backs , arms fold , fold the legs , and genital areas .
  5. Baby soap lightly and gently rubbed on all the above organs .
  6. Clean with washlap until no suds left .
  7. Dry the baby using a towel .
  8. Sterile gauze bandage dressing on baby's umbilical cord .
  9. Apply baby oil and immediately put the clothes , diapers , gloves, legs .
  10. Baby hair comb slowly .
  11. Give the baby so the baby lotion fragrance .
  12. Clean up equipment .
NB : replacement gauze bandage umbilical cord after the baby is finished in bath , with a wet dressing sense is not a problem .


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