Oyster mushrooms ( JAMUR TIRAM )

Oyster mushrooms have a protein, vitamins , and minerals are quite high . Besides it is more important to note is the amino acid content essensialnya . Of the 20 essential amino acids , 9 species there are in the oyster mushroom . Essential amino acids are amino acids that are not produced by the human body . This essential amino acid is very useful for the human body's metabolic processes . 9 essential amino acids contained in the oyster mushrooms are : lysine , methionin , trypthofan , theonin , valine , leucine , isoleucine , histidine , and phenylalanine . Vitamins are found in oyster mushrooms are: B1 ( thiamin ) , B2 ( ribovlafin ) , niacin and biotin . While the oyster mushrooms for their mineral containing potassium , phosphorus , Ferrum , Calcium , Sodium , Magnesium , Cuprom and others. Oyster mushrooms are healthy snacks and healthy , because it is free of pesticides , fertilizers , and other chemicals . Some say that the oyster mushroom is not well taken by people who have gout disease , but new research proves that the oyster mushroom does not result in gout or have a negative side effect of the disease gout . Oyster mushrooms proved to act as anti- viral , anti- bacterial , lowers cholesterol , and liver function as an amplifier .


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