Take guard of the false complaints

Many systems of test at the house of HIV which were not approved by FDA currently are launched on the market in line and newspapers and stores.

The manufacturers of the unapproved systems wrongfully claimed that their products can detect antibodies with HIV in the blood or the samples of saliva, and that they can provide results in the house in 15 minutes or less. Some even claimed that their systems are approved by FDA or are manufactured in service which is registered with the FDA.

The FDA takes an appropriate measure against people or the companies which sell the unapproved and ineffective tests.
About the approved product
The kits at the house approved by the FDA of system of access make it possible people to gather a blood test. Using a personal identification number (PINE), they then dispatch the anonymous sample at a laboratory for the test. The PINE can then be employed to obtain results.

Kits, built by Home Access Health Corp. Illinois-based, can be bought with pharmacies, by the post office with the order, or in line. They only let determine the presence of the antibodies of the virus known under the name of HIV-1. They do not provide the capacity to determine HIV-2, a less common cause of the AIDS.

The system at the house of access offers the consultation of users pre and post-test, anonymity and confidential by the printed material and the interaction of telephone. It also provides to the user an interpretation of the test result.
Checking antibodies with HIV

As the majority of HIV determine, controls of system at the house approved of test of access the presence of the antibodies to HIV which are produced once the virus enter the body. The rate to which the individuals reached of the product of HIV these antibodies differ.

There 'sA. period of window between the moment somebody is reached HIV and time the body produces enough antibody to be detected by the test. During this time, an HIV-infected person will always obtain a negative test result.

According to the FDA the 's center for Biologics and seek (CBER), which regulates all the tests of HIV, the discernible antibodies usually develop within two to eight weeks. The average is approximately 22 days.

Always, some take longer to develop the discernible antibodies. The majority will develop antibodies in the three months following the infection. In very rare cases, it can take in six months to develop the discernible antibodies with HIV.

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Fast tests: A clinical option

The consumers have the option to pass a fast examination, some of which test for HIV-1 and HIV-2. These tests are carried out where the sample is gathered, and the product results within a 20 minutes deadline.

Since the test of HIV requires interpretation and the confirmation, the fast tests of antibody are only approved and available in a professional arrangement of health care, such as doctors of the 'offices, private clinics and sites test of outreach.

According to the centers for the control and the prevention of diseases (CDC), there are tests which seek directly HIV 'the genetic material of S, but those are not in the widespread use. The tests using saliva or the urine are also available, although not for domestic use.


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