Use Caution With Ayurvedic Products

The medicine of Ayurvedic is a traditional system of curative arts which came from India. It implies using products such as spices, grasses, vitamins, proteins, ores, and metals (for example, mercury, wire, iron, zinc). Some preparations combine grasses with ores and metals. These products are generally sold on the Internet or in the stores and are represented like Indien or Asiatique of the south.

Consommateur should know that products of Ayurvedic did not generally review or are not approved by the �Food and Drug Administration� (FDA) only, says the taking away of Mike, director of the Division of new drugs and conformity of labelling in the office of conformity, of part of FDA of 'center of S for the evaluation of drug and research (CDER).

The majority of the products of Ayurvedic are launched on the market or for uses of drug not approved by FDA or as dietetic supplements. In oneself, the consumers should understand that these products were not approved by FDA before marketing.

Result, taking away indicate, that the consumers must be on the guard by buying any product using the Internet, particularly is produced medical. It is a sector which is provocant to regulate.


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