Using Over-the-Counter Cough and Cold Products in Children

On October 8, 2008, the �Food and Drug Administration� (FDA) published an official statement which supports recent voluntary actions by much of manufacturers of drug concerning the use of the nonprescription, cough (OTC) the cash and of the cold products in the children.

The voluntary actions announced by the association of products of health care of consumer (CHPA) are designed to help to prevent and reduce the abuse these products in the children and to better inform of the consumers about their sure and effective use. CHPA represents the majority of the manufacturers of these products.

The members of CHPA offered to modify the labels of product of the cough of OTC and cold medicines to state do not make employ in the children below 4 years. (Several of the products currently state do not make employ in the children below 2 years.) Moreover, the manufacturers present the new packing of safety for the children and the new measuring devices for the use with the products.

CHPA 'actions voluntary of S will not affect the availability of medicines, but will have like consequence one transitional period when the instructions for the use of cough of a certain OTC and cold medicines in the children will be different from others. Some instructions of product will state do not make employ in the children below 4 years, whereas others inform not to employ in the children below 2 years.

The FDA does not require typically that products of OTC with preceding labelling be removed racks during a voluntary change of label such as this one. The agency recommends after the instructions and the warnings of proportioning on the label which accompanies the drug if you have or buy a product which does not have voluntarily modified labelling.


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