Shrugs at poorest health ranking

While a woman imposing walked heavily in front of him on the pavement, the obese mayor of America 'town of the S of largest and unhealthiest explained why health is not a great local exit.

It doesn 't assemble, David known as Felinton, 5 foot-9 and 233 pounds, as he went towards the hotel city one morning recent. Us the 'VE obtained many economic challenges here with Huntington. That 's usually the hearth.

Huntington 'saving in S was soiled, its index of poverty is worse than the national average, and the vagrants haunt a park of the center of frontage of a river. But these city 'financial troubles of S are not almost as bad as its health.

Almost the half of the adults in the metropolitan zone of Huntington 'of five-county of S are obese - an amazing percentage, much larger than the national average in a country with a well-known problem of weight.

Huntington carries out in a half-dozen of other measurements of disease, also, including the cardiac disease and the diabetes. He 's supplements even in the percentage of the elderly who lost all their teeth (half of them A).

It 'the sad situation of SA, and a potential messenger of what will arrive at other communities of the United States, indicated Ken Thorpe, a professor of medical policy of university of Emory which travaill with civils servant of Virginia Occidentale on the legislation of reform of health.

They can be with the top even, but the tendencies of obesity and diabetes are very similar in many of other communities, in particular in the south, Thorpe indicated.

The area of Huntington 'of the health issues of S, quoted in a report/ratio of health of the United States, are a terrible distinction for the city, but people of the country hardly speak about it. Many even puts 't know the city badly lines up.

The culture and the history are at least part of the problem, the agents of Health declare.

This city on the Ohio river is surrounded by Appalachia 'hills slightly populated of S. It was a manual and white-peeled community a long time - primordially people of the English, Irish and German ascent.

During decades, Huntington thrived with the coal mines in its south, like barges, of the trucks and the trains charged with black fuel continuously blew in and after the city. There was abundance of work of manufacture in the chemical industry and engine and steel, work pieces of glass. Almost 90.000 people lived in the city in 1950.

The traditional mode was heavy with fried foods, salt, sauce with the juice, sauces, and the meats fattier - dense with calories burned with far by manual work. Obesity was not a concern then. The damage of work place was.

But as the coal-mining industry modernized and the changed economy, left work of manufacture. The city the 'population of S is now less than 50.000, and the chronic diseases - good number of them was connected to obesity - seem much more common.

Shari Wiley is a nurse at the regional institute of heart of street Mary 'of S with Huntington. It launches a program which identifies the heavy schoolboys and tests to teach better exercise and spending patterns to them. The effort started because of an alarming tendency.

Beaucoup of patients whom we see obtained from the heart attacks in their 30s. They needed the surgery of heart open in their 30s. And were concerned for us because it employed to be you wouldn 't see patient heart entering until they were in their 50s, Wiley said.

The area of Huntington is primarily attached with some other sectors of subway for the proportion of people who put the 'exercise of T (31 percent), have the cardiac disease (22 percent) and the diabetes (13 percent). The rate of nicotinism is rather high, also, although not worst.

However, the area is a chief defined in dental problems, with almost half of the age 65 people and a stating older than they lost all their normal teeth. And no other sector of subway comes close to Huntington 'to adult rate to obesity to S, according to the report/ratio by the centers for the control and the prevention of the diseases of the United States, based on data of 2006.

Perhaps suitably, the hospitals are now Huntington 'employers of S larger. Another is the university of Marshall, house of of herd of thunder of football team represented in the 2006 films is to us Marshall which dominates of the conversations of sports of people of the country.

The river functions along the edge of the city, but of him of 's not a focal point. Marshall and one of the city of the 'remaining factories of S sit down in the east with several blocks of hotels and more remote west of office buildings. Nouveau Pullman Square called complex - which includes a cinema and a Starbucks - tries to become a detail and dines the center and illustrates a transition to an economy from the services.

The sector 'unemployment rate of S was approximately 5 percent September, really a little better than the national average of 6.1 percent which month. But often work is not with high wages. Many workmen miss medical insurance disease, and the programs of corporation of health - communal ground to large national companies - are rare.

Plane poverty, with the rate of sector to 19 percent, much higher than the national average. In the broken coal basins in the south, people always live in the houses or of bottoms of page with the abatement, roofs beaten. They fixedly look at hard any foreigner in a new car. Of Huntington and its peripheries, much of people think of the exercise and healthy consumption like luxuries.

The economy must select to the top thus people can be allowed to obtain Ronnie in good health, says Adkins, 67, a reprocessed police officer, as it rested one morning recent on the porch of nicotinism of the merry pirate that the toric thrusts make shopping on the United States 60.

The fritter stores put to the 'help of T one or the other, naturally. But stores of pastry making of lunching aren 't the most common exits for fatty food. The joints of pizza pie are. They are apparently on each block in some parts of the city. The Yellow Pages on line enumerates more places of pizza pie (almost 200) for the area of Huntington that the whole state of Virginia Occidentale has gyms and clubs of health (149).


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