Ovarien cancer risk

If breast cancer runs in the family, the women can be with high-risk even if they examine free of the disease 's the majority of the common gene changes, assagissant new research shows. Genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 are dependent with particularly aggressive hereditary breast cancer, and a greater ovarien cancer risk, too.

When a patient of breast cancer proves to carry one of these gene changes, his/her parents tend to breathe a sigh of relief if they examine gene-free.

But these genes of title-seizure explain only approximately 15 percent of all the cases of breast cancer. Even in the families solved with breast cancer, a gene of BRCA is the culprit only in roughly a family from each five which obtains examined, said the university of Dr. Steven Narod of specialist in cancer in Toronto.

So much clearly do the members of these families remain in danger of other still-with-being-found genes, but how much risk?

Narod detected almost 1.500 women of 365 cancer-prone families of centre, which examined the negative one for changes BRCA1 and BRCA2.

After five years, these women had a larger quadruple risk than the average women of developing breast cancer, Narod reported Monday at a meeting of American association for research on cancer.

It is crucial information for women considering the gene test, said the adviser Beth Peshkin of the genetics of Georgetown university, which wasn 'part of T of the study.

It is contrary so that I think that common perception is, Peshkin said. Unless a change is identified in the family, a doesn of test result 't negative provide reinsurance.

The good news: Narod 'study of S showed that those the didn women 't have a greater ovarien cancer risk, like BRCA1- and BRCA2-carriers make.

While the $3.000 tests of BRCA well-are accepted, from newer tests for other genes related to breast cancer come on the market.

But previous family is a predictive factor much more extremely, Narod subjected to a constraint. It recommends that such women take anti-cancer drug tamoxifen and undergo controls of cancer of MRI instead of the easier mammographies independently of than of other gene tests showed.


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