The released tiny bags of the cells of tumour and circulation in blood disseminate genetic information on the tumour, offering a new manner of detecting and to treat cancer, the researchers of the United States said Sunday.

They contain a small piece of the cell of tumour in the jet of blood. If you look at just these packages, you basically know what are a little the changes in the cell of tumour, Xandra says Breakefield of General hospital from Massachusetts to Boston, whose study appears in the biology of cells of nature of newspaper.

Those membrane-covered with the packages, called exosomes, represent a new manner of obtaining information on a cancer, offers means of choosing the best therapy, seeing how a patient reacts to the treatment, and probably offering a manner of again providing therapies to the tumour, Breakefield indicated.

Him 'concept whole of new SA of communication of cells us didn 't soaps, used by tumours Breakefield said in an interview of telephone.

She said for the majority of the shapes of cancer, there is no good manners to know which genetic mutations are in a tumour, shorts to take a sample and to make a biopsy.

Many current blood tests, such as the specific antigen of prostate, or PSA, test for the cancer of prostate, simply control for the elevated levels of a specific protein.

By employing exosomes, the doctors could be able to obtain specific information on a cancer of a simple analysis of blood.

, Of biomarker of blood him 'of SA it said.

Johan Skog, which works in Breakefield 'laboratory of S and undertook the study, said many types of exosomes of release of cells as an element of the normal communication of cell-with-cell, and several types of tumours are known to throw exosomes containing the proteins which can change the environment to make it more favorable to the growth of tumour.

It the 'form of SA of communication of cells that the normal cells of use but of tumour of cells employ with a revenge, Skog indicated in an interview of telephone.

For the study, the researchers carefully analyzed the contents of the thrown exosomes cells of glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is a type of cancer of aggressive brain.

Inside, they found fragments of acid ribonucletic of genetic messenger, or ARN, including messengers of cells referred to the growth of cells, the immunoreaction and the construction of new blood-vessels.

When they exposed these exosomes to the normal cells in the laboratory, the ARN of tumour provided its genetic message in the cells.

It is important knowledge that. We didn 't realize that they had it of the external means of the communication with their environments that, Breakefield said.

The team also analyzed the blood and the samples of fabric coming from 25 patients of the cancer of brain. They could find exosomes of tumour in both. In two patients, this analysis indicated a specific genetic mutation in the �pidermique receiver of growth factor, or EGFR, the gene which a surgical biopsy had missed.

The first stage would be to develop an analysis of blood, but thereafter Skog thinks that it can be possible to employ the exosomes to provide therapies to cancer.

The General hospital of Massachusetts authorized technology with diagnoses Inc. of Exosome, where Skog is research director in addition to his functions at the hospital.



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