VE found an antidote with ageing in the cosmetic

The hundreds of thousands of women of babies boomer which think that they the 'VE found an antidote with ageing in the cosmetic facial fillers must better know about the possible risks, government which the advisers of health said Tuesday. A group of independent advisers invited the Food and Drug Administration� to update labelling to include the possibility of durable reactions such as bumps under the skin, the spots and the scars.

It is almost a silly thing, Dr. says Michael Bigby, a dermatologist of Medical college of Harvard. Current �tiquette is not proportioned. Colloidal Remplisseurs, which became enormously popular in last years, is injected into the face to smooth the left wrinkles.

The plastic manufacturers and surgeons say that the fillers have an excellent disc of safety. But the hearing of FDA of Tuesday 'of raised S.A. of the questions about the unapproved uses, the not trained technicians giving injections, and of a lack of long-term data of safety. Hearing was a first stage as the FDA considers if to regulate fillers more narrowly.

The plastic surgeons pawned to help the safety of way of government, to improve the formation and to provide clearer information to the consumers.

Women, and even some men, are drawn to peel fillers by the promise of good young glances far to less from cost and to worry that an elevator of face. A final improvement two or three times per annum can amplify to ego deflated the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, for some patients, the result can be skin scrambled, bumps on the face and worse.

Different from Botox, which is derived from a toxin which acts on the facial muscles, the fillers of wrinkle are like the biological equivalent of a little spackle, except them 'about injecting into the face. They include products such as Juvederm, made by Allergan, Inc., and Restylane, starting from the possessions of esthetics of Medicis.

Civils servant of FDA are concerned that fillers are used for goals which they were not never examined and were approved for, like dropping the lips, which are extremely sensitive.

There are also questions about a obviously clinical lack about the way in which the patients darker-skinned go with the treatments of beauty. More the Asian black, Latino and patients test the plastic surgeon, and of information suggests that they can be likely ugly spots and other complications of the fillers.

Difficult� is that once this material is with the hands of the doctors, there 's really not much of control in the way in which this 's used and from where this 's placed, Dr. says Scott Spear, a plastic surgeon of Washington. Which creates the potential for a certain quantity of stupidity.

But good news is that, generally, it is, very sure of materials additional lance. They have a very healthy profile of risk.

The scientists of FDA will present the signpost with data on 823 patients who suffered from the serious reactions after treatment with fillers between 2003 and this September. The crushing majority were women, and the most common category of age was 50 - at 60 years. The plastic surgeons carried out last year approximately 1.5 million procedures of cosmetic surgery with fillers alone.

Although no death was reported to the FDA, the complications were rather tedious that 638 of the patients required the medical care of follow-up.

The majority of the reactions implied swelling and redness minors, the complications which could be envisaged. But the FDA indicated that it also received reports/ratios of serious and unexpected problems, including the paralysis of facial massage, of lip and eye, the disfiguration, the complications of vision and some allergic reactions serious.

A restricted number of patients - 19 - went to the room of help with allergic reactions representing a danger to the life, such as the difficulty breathing. Twelve developed infections which required the hospitalization.

FDA had precipitated these products for launching as if they were the medical products of rescue, activist says Diana Zuckerman, president of the consumer of the research national centre for women and families. They should require better studies since these products have only the cosmetic advantages but the risks potentially mortals.

Some problems submitted a report with the FDA can be due to unapproved or of d�griff�s use of the fillers. For example, the FDA does not recommend them to drop the lips, but some doctors do not see any problem with that.

Another challenge is the fine variety of fillers. The majority are absorbed thereafter in the body, but a type contains the particles out of plastic tiny, round, soft that the body does not absorb. Some are done starting from the normal substances and others are not. That means that they can react differently in the body.


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