How to prevent and eliminate acne on the face

Acne that often come attached to our face is annoying. We feel insecure and uncomfortable in everyday interactions. Here are some tips to acne on the face of reluctant to visit us again

Do not squeeze pimples existing
Dirty hands when you grab and squeeze acne triggers the increase of oil and dirt on their faces. When pressed acne, there are layers beneath the skin can become damaged and cause the oil to spread to other parts of the face of the face so that acne arises more and more


- Use special cleaners such as lotion or soap for acne prone skin.
- Always keep the skin clean face, hands, and the dressing device. So also with the cleanliness of the hair, especially if you have long hair and bangs, because there are oils and dirt that can stick on the hair on the skin.
- Avoid eating fatty foods (chocolate, nuts, meat).
- Avoid smoking.
- Sleep is enough.
- Eating a healthy and balanced diet.
- Eat fruits to help remove toxins from the body.
- Drink 8 glasses of water a day to cleanse the kidneys and liver and remove toxins from the inside, so the skin becomes healthier, cleaner and brighter.
- Avoid stress.
- Olahragalah regularly.
- Choose cosmetics that dissolve in water, avoid cosmetics that contain oil.

Below are four (4) the main factor of acne, namely:

1. Presence of blockages in the pores of the skin by the sebum that turned into a solid
2. Increased production of sebum due to hormonal influences, physical condition, and prikologis. If the blockage at the mouth accompanied by sebaceous glands, sebum outflow will be unstoppable.
3. Increasing population and activity due to Propionibacteri acnes bacteria have sebaceous glands under the estuary and like to eat fatty sebum.
4. Inflammatory reaction due to the invasion of white blood cells around sebaceous glands which have had the dam and eventually rupture. Fat contents spilling sebum into the dermis hides or skin tissue, and considered a foreign object so that the lure of white blood cells rush to the venue.

How can acne be prevented? Below is a mini principles that acne does not bother:

1. Clean the face of cosmetics before bed
2. Avoid sweet foods and greasy
3. Pay attention to balanced nutrition, adequate intake of vitamin C and Vitamin E
4. Avoid the use of greasy cosmetics
5. Give your skin protection from the sun, especially in the summer
6. Do not stay up
7. Do not let dirt and dust stay on the skin surface
8. Clean and with complete facial skin care

Would you still are not powerless against acne on your face that makes a headache? Check out the rest at "Completing Tips Acne" next week.


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