Alternative medicine cupping method (BEKAM)

Alternative medicine cupping method, is not new in Indonesia society. The treatment has even been practiced for thousands of years ago from Middle East up to the Chinese mainland.

Even Rasululloh Muhammad SAW - according to the history of his companions - often make treatment with a bruise to overcome her illness.

So terrible treatment by cupping therapy, is not wrong if this alternative rubric showing Zai-nuddin, cupping therapy practitioners from Sambas Herba Center.

Zainuddin said, cupping in Arabic is called Hijamah. Work done in the treatment of bleeding bruise is dirty or the wind by using a device called a header (like a small glass) which is placed on several points of the body.

"The goal of treatment is to remove the dirty blood bruise. Blood kotorlah source of various diseases," said Zainuddin.

The main point that should dibekam just three. One point in the middle of the crown, two points below the left ear and right. However, it could also add some more points, such points are in the back, hips, and legs, hands and tail bone. "Generally this method to alleviate the organ and neurological disorders, mainly due to excess blood disorders, blood-soiled or to both. There are several points that favored bruise Allah SAW Apostle, namely the above two neck vein, the aim is to prevent headaches, pain in the face, toothache, earache, sore nose and sore throat, "he said.

Bruise on neck or neck, said Zainuddin, can prevent blood pressure in the neck, overcoming myopic, lumps in the eyes, heaviness in the eyebrows and eyelids as well as treat leprosy.

"Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim that the Prophet Muhammad had undergone Hijamah (bruise) on the two parts of the body, namely the upper spine and the upper two tendons of the neck," he said.

Bruise on the temples to treat headaches, pain in the face, ear pain, sore nose and sore throat. Bruise on the shoulder to treat diseases in the shoulder and the neck. Bruise on hip to relieve aches or fatigue.

"'s Work together and then recommend to join this Cupping therapy. Alhamdullillah lost my nervous illness, heart felt calmer so that I can now sleep soundly," said Abdullah who Bekam in the back of the head, left and right below the ear.

Zainuddin said, cupping technique consists of two kinds, namely dry and wet cupping. Dry or wind bruise Bruise (Hijamah Jaaffah) done by sucking the skin surface and massage the surrounding area without removing the dirty blood. The treatment is very useful to relieve pain in an emergency or used to relieve back muscle pain due to arthritis pain.

"Dry Cupping is good for people who do not hold a razor blade incision or needle injections and the fear of seeing blood. Dibekam skin will appear red blackish for 3 days," he said.

While wet cupping (Hijamah Rothbah) performed the skin surface, and then deliberately injured skin with a sharp needle or razor blade. The area around the wound with a razor blade sucked cupping tool sets and hand pump for blood kator out of the body. The duration of each puff 3 to 5 minutes and a maximum of 9 minutes.

"After that, the dirty blood is discarded. Suctioning tudak more than 7 times. Blood gross red blood in the form of thick and bubbly. Over the next 3 hours, the skin is bruised it should not be drenched with water," he said. Bruise tool used, certainly by age duku berbebeda. When the Prophet Muhammad did bruise, he uses a glass cup or bowl. In the days of ancient China, cupping is called the horn of treatment because it is a tool used to replace glass, In the 18th century, European societies using leeches.

Now, the equipment used are suckers (Hand pump), bowls (cupping sets), pen karum (Lancet device). antiseptic razor blades (sterilization materials seeperti alcohol) and medical gloves (rubber gloves).

In treating patients, Zainuddin always opened with a prayer to Allah SWT. Prayer is a petition for patients can be cured according to expectations. "If possible, patients had fasting for eight hours before dibekam," he said.

After the prayer, he was greasing the patient's body with alcohol. Goal is to turn off harmful bacteria that may infect the skin. Furthermore bowl bruise (vacumm cupped) were attached to the body. To be attached to the body, cupping the bowl was pumped to vacuum the air inside the vacuum (vacuum gun).

"Withdrawal with a vacuum gun must gradually and persist. Do not let the patients feel excessive pain," he said.

Cupping bowls attached to the patient's body are usually in accordance with the complaint penaykitnya. Amounts can be three to a dozen bowls. After left for 10-15 minutes, the bowl that has been left red circle marks on the skin and then removed.

Disayatkan razor blade into the skin at the former bowl as much as 10 points. After that the points seem to bleed red. Cup taped over the circle back bruise marks that have been slashed, while re-driven vacuum gun. Blood started pouring again again from the sliced section.

After about 10 minutes, blood supple black jelly-like it stuck to the sides of the bowl. Once completed, the site of the former dibekam again cleaned with alcohol. Bowl used for cupping is highly dependent on the body part being treated.

At first glance, the number of dots that combine sliced meant cupping techniques with acupuncture. From some people practiced cupping technique, blood is actually not necessary to issue the incision. Now there is a modern tool called blood Lancet. The needle can be inserted into the patient kulti surface.

He warned, treatment with a bruise is not suitable for the frail elderly and sick. Cupping is also not recommended for people with very low blood pressure, pain scabies, women who are pregnant, menstruating, people who are taking blood thinning medications, people with leukemia, platelets, skin alargi seriously, people who are very tired, hunger, satiety, thirst and nervousness .

Parts of the body that should not be dibekam is the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, nipples, genitals, anus. In addition, cupping should not be in areas of the body there are many lymph nodes, close to large vessels, there are varicose veins, tumors, fractures and tissue injuries.


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