Benefits of Celery Plant (Seledri)

Celery has a lot of vitamins and also contains important substances that are useful for the human body include: amino acids , boron , calcium , chlorine , essential fatty acids , folate , inositol , iron , magnesium , manganese , phosphorus , potassium , selenium , sulfur , zinc . Vitamins are nutritious for health are vitamin A , vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 , vitamin B3 , vitamin B5 , vitamin B6 , vitamin C , vitamin E and vitamin K.

The following are the Benefits of Celery Leaf Celery Leaves And Benefits And How to mix to be used as a traditional medicine for health .

  1. Benefits and Benefits Celery Leaves For rheumatic drugs :Cut into small pieces 1 small handful of celery leaves and stems , then boiled in 2 cups water to 1 cup left only . Once cool , strain and filter drinking water well .
  2. To remedy Dry Eye :Eating celery as fresh vegetables as a complementary side dishes to eat rice . It is recommended to consume every day . Simply by washing celery , spinach leaves and leaves of Moringa ( Moringan Lamk oleifera ) as of each third handheld until it completely clean , then grind the mixture until smooth . Add salt and also the tip of a tea spoon of water ¾ cup ripe . Knead the mixture until smooth , then squeeze and strain. Drink the juice of this herb at the same time , the rules of use three times a day .
  3. For High Blood Pressure Medication :Wash 100 grams of celery whole thoroughly , then mash until smooth . Add 1 cup of water , then squeeze and strain. The next team to the boil . Allow to cool and for two drinks , morning and afternoon . Or a celery stalk completely wash 16 to clean and also roughly chopped , then enter into a panic email . Add 2 cups water and then boiled until the water left ¾ . After a cold , drink water and celery also be eaten . Do it twice a day , each half .
  4. For Bronchitis Drugs :Wash fresh celery 60 grams , 10 grams of dried mandarin orange peel and also 25 gr palm sugar until half the water is left behind . Once cool strain and also filter the water divided for 2 times drinks , morning and afternoon , respectively ¾ cup .
  5. For Cough Medicine :Wash 30 grams of whole fresh celery , then cut into several parts as necessary . All three pieces had been boiled into a clean glass of water . Once cool , strain and add a little honey . The use of this herb for two drinks , in the morning and also in the afternoon .
  6. For Colic Medicine :Provide a full 60 grams of fresh celery , 1 red ginger hand knuckles and also a piece of palm sugar . Wash these materials and also cut into pieces as needed , and then boiled in 2 cups water until the left half. Once cool , strain and filter drinking water well .
  7.  For hair growth drugs :Wash the celery stalk 7-10 until clean , then finely crushed . Selesat washing , rubbing the collisions the celery leaves into the scalp and hair evenly with a massage lightly . The finished wrap hair using a towel for about 1 hour . Then rinse your hair with clean water . Do it once a week.
  8. To lower cholesterol levels :High content of vitamin C , can lower blood cholesterol levels and may also prevent cancer , and high blood pressure .
Here are some other properties and also for the health benefits of stem , leaf , and celery root as follows :

 Efficacy Celery
  • reduce blood pressure , Celery contains chemicals that can reduce levels of stress hormones in our blood . Thus will allow for the expansion of blood vessels and blood to give the room a more spacious so that the pressure is reduced 
  • to reduce cholesterol , cholesterol sufferers For this is good news for you , because the consumption of celery every day can reduce arterial cholesterol stopper ,
Celery seeds efficacy
 Celery seed for the antiseptic that can help reduce uric acid . Thus celery good for people who suffer from bladder disease , also kidney problems, cystitis etc. Celery seeds also help to prevent urinary tract infections in women .

Celery sticks efficacy

 for Healthy joints , Celery is very good for people with arthritis , rheumatism and gout . Anti - inflammatory content of the celery leaves to reduce the swelling and pain in the joint area . Diuretic substances contained in the celery stalk will also be able to get rid of uric acid crystals that build up around joints

Celery root

Efficacy heart health for  : The content of vitamin C in celery root will promote heart health .

Celery leaves Efficacy

 to prevent cancer , Celery contains many substances phthalides and polyacetylenes . A variety of anti- cancer components and carcinogen detoxification . Celery also contains coumarin which is able to increase the activity of certain white blood cells .

Celery Leaves Rich in Vitamin C : so that it can boost the immune system , but it also raises a lot of vitamin C celery cold .Celery is rich in calcium can calm the nerves so that we become a more peaceful person . Celery also function as antioxidants . All parts of celery including seeds , roots and leaves are very beneficial for the body .


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