Pare Fruit Benefits for Diabetes Disease ( PARE )

Other content is similar polypeptide compound called polypeptide insulin , lowering blood glucose levels usefulness directly, there are other compounds that play a role similar Crackers , besides diabetes , hypertension , even in invitrot pare inhibit the HIV virus and the tumor , other findings fruit pare nutritious stick to the fight against cancer .

Pare the fruit crops, fruit vine growing clump - nodules in several columns, the ad does not clump form - his form pan nodules who are called pare ulo ( pare snake ) is usually referred to pare fruit vegetables, although many people felt bitter fruit crops pare believe berhasiat and right turns is herbal remedy for diabetes .

If there is a disturbance in diabetes , because the amount is not enough , glikosa rate tends to increase , trace karatin on berhasiat pare hipoglesemik ( lowering blood sugar ) it consists of a nutritional compounds stroid sepsin stronger than tobutamida , substance mentimulasi cell - cell b to increase the production of the hormone insulin , the cells increase in pancreatic glands strengthen hipogusemik b pare fruit . 
how to use :
  •  200 gr pare fruit in the blender then washed . Add enough water . Squeeze the cloth spotong accumulated up to a quarter of glas . Preheat noticed on low heat for 15-30 minutes. After a cold , drink , do it every day .
  • 200 gr fruit pare then washed in thin slices . Boiled with 3 cups water until remaining 1 glass after cold filtered . Drink , do every day


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