Benefits of Olive Oil ( MINYAK ZAITUN )

Benefits of Olive Oil for Beauty :
  1.  For facial moisturizer
    Nutrient content of linoleic acid are able to keep the water evaporate . As a result, the substance is very good to use as a moisturizing dry skin and start berkeriput . Apply on the face of the way while dipijit light for 10 minutes. Then rinse with clean water .
  2.  To nourish hair
    Olive oil can help nourish the hair so black and thick hair . Sufficiently mixed with shampoo how you wear then rinsed until clean.
  3. Treating skin health
    How to smear olive oil when bathing . Even body skin will look more awake and glowing humid .
  4. To Treat Hand and Nail
    You do this by mixing one tablespoon of olive oil with warm water to soak his hands 1 week. This habit makes the skin soft hands and around nails .
  5. For Foot Care
    Foot cracked or rough can be overcome with olive oil treatment . Denga way to smear olive oil around your feet and ankles. Wrap and wear socks for sleeping at night. Then clean in the morning day. Can be done at hand . Perform routine for a month for a maximum yield.
  6. For Body Skin
    How to mix the olive oil with coarse salt , to make a natural scrub . Besides helping exfoliation of dead cells , the application of olive oil on the body can make the skin more radiant.
Benefits of Olive Oil for Health :
  1.  Lowering the Risk of Heart Disease
    Content of vegetable very high antioxidant content thereby decreasing the risk of heart disease . Enough to drink 2 tablespoons per day will reduce the risk of heart disease.
  2. Able to Fight Cancer
    Olive oil can be reduced the cell damage ( this damage can trigger cancer ) . Phenols in extra virgin olive oil acts as a disease-fighting antioxidants to inhibit the cancer process ; oleic acid predicted to prevent the spread of tumors.
  3.  Eliminate Arthritis
    Olive oil contains prostaglandin, which is beneficial to overcome joint pain and bone pengeroposan . How consumed daily food mix and will make antinyeri to lubricate the joints and prevent swelling . Or to smear olive oil on muscle pain or joint pain.
  4. Prevent Diabetes
    Olive oil content be monounsaturated fat . Until the olive oil is beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels and risk of type 2 diabetes .
  5.  Stop of Pain
    Oleokantal content can prevent inflammation , similar painkillers such as ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs . Olive oil can be used for medicinal oles abrasion , tear wounds , and interference risk to inflammation , swelling , and pain .
  6. Prevent senile
    Content of monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil works to keep the structure of cells and membranes in the brain, thus helping to prevent memory loss .
  7. Prevent Osteoporosis 
    Olive oil helps the absorption of calcium to prevent bone loss .
Olive oil can we take advantage of our health and beauty in everyday life . Way and will wear it better arrangement we deeply know in advance , so that we can maximize your benefits can be rewarding. Hopefully the above benefits of olive oil can be beneficial for you .


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