Benefits Of Garlic ( BAWANG PUTIH )

Garlic is one of the herbs are a lot of benefits , especially for the health of our bodies . Have you know the benefits of garlic for facial beauty ?Here are some benefits of garlic for facial beauty :
  • Treating acne. The trick , puree the garlic cloves and rub over the acne . Let stand about 10 minutes or so at night . If acne is not too severe , then in the morning the pimple had deflated and shrunk . 

  • Remove blackheads black. Blackheads usually appear around the nose , and for women is quite disturbing appearance . To get rid of blackheads , how pretty the soften garlic and apply to skin areas there are blackheads black .
  • Against premature aging. Garlic can be useful to smooth fine lines on the face and fight premature aging . The trick , garlic puree and give a little water . Apply on the face . This method can be done once a week .
  • Reducing scar or mole. Anti- bacterial properties and anti- inflammatory owned garlic makes it useful for removing scars or moles . If you have a scar that never healed , then just apply garlic on top of the scar .
  • Softens the skin. Allicin content of compounds present in garlic efficacious to soften skin . How to use it simply by mixing the garlic finely in a face mask that you usually use . Then feel how smooth your skin . 


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