Benefits of Pumpkin for Baby ( LABU KUNING )

Pumpkin is a fruit that contains nutrients and fiber are good for the baby . Its texture is soft and able to be processed into various foods or cakes is very good for digestion children who are still in the process of growth . Various needs good nutrition to the body of the child begins to vitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin B , protein , healthy fats , calcium , phosphorus , hifdrat , calories and iron are all contained with the right portion of the pumpkin . With such texture , a distinct advantage that kids will love with this pumpkin cereal . Try to vary your baby's food to meet the nutritional needs of the body so that the growth process of the child will be immune to the disease , helping growth and development and intelligence . 
Some of the benefits of pumpkin for baby :

  1. Pumpkin can be used as a food substitute for rice , carbohydrate and other nutrients also has to meet the nutritional needs of children in infancy
  2. For children aged less than nine months , consuming enough pumpkin powder of 2.5 grams and it meets the needs of vitamins and other bodily needs . In addition to consuming pumpkin , baby foods is recommended to keep other qualified four of five perfectly healthy
  3. Pumpkin is soft texture , will help digestion child works so well that pumpkin good for stomach health
  4. Nutrient content in the pumpkin memabantu son speed up the development of the body and stimulate the brain intelligence
  5. Pumpkin has a sweet taste and attractive color , we can be sure the kids will love it
  6. Processed pumpkin is not just cereal , porridge and also cakes but current developments have created new innovations of pumpkin as complementary foods such as ice cream , snacks , syrups , sweet sauces , jams , sweets and other foods that many kids love
  7. Juice of pumpkin is believed to kill the toxins in the body , so it is good for the health of children who are vulnerable to toxins , bacteria and viruses from the outside
  8. Not only useful pieces of yellow squash , pumpkin seeds are able to cure intestinal worms in children
  9. Pumpkin is also capable of lowering heat child fever , inflammation , diarrhea , and dysentery in children . If your baby was sick heat , try to give the processed pumpkin so hot fever will go down
  10. University research in one satau mention that pumpkin can prevent potential early coronary heart disease and cancer . By giving the child as a baby pumpkin , at the age of adulthood is expected to avoid heart disease and cancer and other major diseases
Pumpkin can be stored and lasting up to 3 months without reducing benefits and nutrients .

How to make pumpkin puree for babies

Materials needed :
  • 50 gr pumpkin that has been boiled
  • 1 bunch spinach leaves that have been boiled
  • 1 egg yolk that has been boiled chicken
  • 300 ml of boiled water
  • 1 tsp milk formula
  • 2 tbsp rice flour
How to cook :
  1. Enter the pumpkin , leaf spinach , and egg yolks into a blender . Add water that is not too dense . Blend until smooth .
  2. Enter the formula milk and rice flour . Stir until blended .
  3. Put the ingredients in a blender that had been in a heated skillet, and stir until cooked .
  4. Serve while warm .


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