The Importance of Burping Baby


 Babies often spit up and vomiting experienced . However , it need not be too worried because you spit up or vomit does not indicate a serious health disorders in infants . Only a few cases of baby vomit that indicate serious health problems .
Basically spit up and vomiting in infants jointly issue of food or fluid from the stomach . The difference, spit passive or spontaneous flow water it down a little better as saliva or quite a lot . While vomiting tended in large quantities or with encouragement and without contraction of the stomach .

Although relatively normal , but spit up constantly can lead to various complications that interfere with the growth of the baby .
Causes of Baby Spit :

  • Breastfeeding or milk too much . Baby's stomach has a certain capacity , when fully charged the stomach , it can cause the baby spit up .
  • Feeding position . Breastfeeding when the baby is sleeping on his back sometimes make liquids into the airways . As a result, the baby may spit up . In addition , use of the wrong dot sometimes make children lazy so suck more air into the baby's stomach and cause vomiting .
  •  Throttling valve located between the stomach and the stomach above the baby's digestive tract is usually not functioning perfectly .
  • Incomplete digestion can also membut baby baby spit up frequently .
  • Baby moving too active . Pertu will experience high pressure sast baby squirm or cry continuously. As a result , the baby will vomit or spit up .
To reduce the baby spit up on , you can try the following tips :

  • Do not give milk or milk when the baby is lying . Keep baby in an upright position for 30 minutes after feeding .
  • Do not cradle a baby in a special chair baby after feeding because it can increase pressure on the stomach .
  • Avoid over- stimulating activity after feeding the baby .
  • Do not overdo giving milk or breast milk to the baby . Better preformance give small amounts frequently .
  • Burp the baby immediately after feeding . Sometimes even babies still need burped in between the 2 feeding time .
  • Make sure the nipple hole is not too small or big . If it is too small it will be a lot of incoming air . If too large , the milk will flow more quickly so that they can make a baby spit up .
  • If the baby is very hungry you should not give milk or milk first because the baby will drink a hurry so will a lot of the incoming air .
  • Keep the baby in a tilted position with the head higher than the feet make up about 45 degrees . This position can make the fluid go down .
  • Do not immediately pick up the baby when spit up or vomit because it could be spit down and get into the lungs . Should tengkurapkan or tilt the baby and let him vomit until complete .
  • When the baby spit up through the nose should leave it alone . Conditions will be dangerous if inhaled fluid back and into the lungs . Discharge from the nose indicates that the baby vomit so much that till out through the nose .
  • Conditions will be dangerous if the baby choked so vomit into the lungs . Immediately tilt baby when terliht signs of wanting to throw up .


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